• No. Attendant care, if needed, for any KSU student must be provided by the family.
  • Student motivation to become an independent adult. No major emotional or behavioral problems.

  • Yes. Students may apply for themed housing through the Academy once accepted into the program

  • No. Academy students are expected to follow the same code of conduct as all KSU students and will utilize the KSU resident supports as needed. Students are required to manage all personal care. On-campus housing is a family decision.

  • No. The Academy is a fully inclusive program using natural supports and resources available on campus and "teachable moments" with staff and mentors. All Academy students participate in 1-2 hours per week of Academy Training Sessions, addressing topics related to Career, Academic and Social Adjustment. Independent living and adult living topics are embedded in the Academy curriculum.
  • Not at this time. The Academy staff has applied for approval for financial aid and is working closely with the KSU Director of Financial Aid in accomplishing that.
  • Yes. Some scholarships are awarded through the Academy from donors.
  • All diploma types from an accredited high school are accepted.
  • Highly-trained KSU student mentors attend class and work with Academy students though they do not necessarily sit next to the students. The mentors are scheduled for classes, study sessions, and job training with the students Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm.