The Nurse Refresher Program consists of 40 hours of didactic study (theory) and 160 hours of precepted clinical hours in one clinical area (supervised clinical practicum).


The theory portion of the course provides a review of the nursing care concepts and principles associated with various patient populations and nursing practice issues. These concepts include a review of the related practices of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The course is offered in an online or on-campus format.


You will be assigned to work side-by-side with a registered nurse practicing in a medical/surgical area. You will be required to complete 160 practicum hours in six weeks. 

    • The Online Program consists of eight weeks of content. Each week contains participant objective, reading assignments, web sites, quizzes, lecture, case studies, and discussion questions that serve as guides to facilitate critical thinking and learning. One week of online content is equal to one day in the on-campus course.

      You are expected to log on to the virtual classroom at least four out of seven days each week. Students are expected to be available for required quizzes each week and a final exam at the end of course.

      The virtual classroom is a place to review assigned material and discuss related information and thoughts. Multiple methods of teaching and learning will be used: lecture, case studies, internet assignments, and individual conferences. The course is designed to enhance student learning, but the student is ultimately responsible to ensure that the learning takes place. Discussion questions and weekly quizzes will be based on textbook reading assignments, lecture notes that are posted, case studies, web research, and journal article readings. The quizzes are open book. The discussion questions that you post will provide a springboard for others comments.

      The Online Program is offered every March and September

    • The On-Campus Program provides the same content review of the nursing care concepts as the Online Program. This program consists of a 40 hour theoretical component presented in eight days extending over a three-week timeframe. Each day involves eight hours of class at the Kennesaw State University campus.

      The On-Campus Program is offered every May