FAQs for Public Health Education

  • Admission into the Public Health Education major will be based on completion of the following:

    • 60 hours of Public Health Education program requirements (including Public Health Education prerequisites and general education requirements) with an overall Adjusted Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 2.5 or higher
    • WELL 1000, MATH 1107, and HPE 2250 completed with a C or better in each
    • PHE 2100 and PHE 2400 completed with a C or better in each
    • Application for admission, including two faculty recommendations and a statement of future career goals

    NOTE - Students who have completed BIOL 2221 or 2222 (C or higher) as a requirement of a formerly declared major must request a course substitution from their academic advisor to replace the required HPE 2250.

  • Yes, applications must be submitted via the "APPLY" link and will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator/Program Admission Committee

  • Applications are accepted each semester.

  • All students who complete the B.S. in Public Health Education will be eligible for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam. For further information on CHES, please refer to the following:  http://www.nchec.org/ches

  • PHE Areas of Concentration in Community Health, Worksite Health, and Health Coaching and Patient Education are fulfilled through the PHE selected Content and Skill Related coursework.

  • Yes—PHE 4750—PHE Seminar and Internship is a 12-credit hour, capstone course required of all PHE Majors and is taken in the final semester upon successful completion of all required program coursework.

    • MATH 1112 College Trigonometry OR MATH 1113 Precalculus
    • MATH 1107 Introduction to Statistics
    • CHEM 1211/L General Chemistry I and CHEM 1212/L General Chemistry II

    NOTE – Students who have completed CHEM 1151/L and CHEM 1152/L (C or higher) as a requirement of a formerly declared major must request course substitutions from their academic advisor to replace the required CHEM 1211/L and 1212/L.

  • Contact the appropriate Department office for the specific course you are trying to add. Include the reasons for your request as well as your full name, major, course and CRN, and KSU ID number.

  • If you are denied registration to a course in your program of study and meet the requirement of course prerequisite and are a declared major or minor, contact the PHE Program Coordinator at jpetrill@kennesaw.edu via email.  Please include your full name, KSU ID number, the registration error you received, and the course title/number and CRN.

  • Course substitutions are handled through the Advising Center and/or your assigned academic advisor. For substitutions specific to courses from other institutions, access the Registrar's Transfer Articulation System to determine if a course you have completed has been substituted on your academic records.

  • Students must declare a major or minor via Owl Express.

  • Without exception, students must petition to graduate in the semester prior to your anticipated graduation date. Specific dates can be found on the academic calendar via the Registrars Office. Petitions to graduate are completed directly through your personal Owl Express account. Note that petitions to graduate are in effect for one year.