Doctor of Nursing Science

The Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS), accredited by SACS, is designed to prepare nurse educators and scholars for leadership roles in nursing education, health policy related to vulnerable populations, and applied research. The graduate will function as a nurse leader with expertise in nursing and healthcare phenomena related to evidence-based practice, the investigative skills of an applied researcher, and the leadership skills for influencing health care systems, particularly related to population-based health disparities. The curriculum focuses on nursing education and health policy within the context of health disparities and population based health care. Coursework will prepare the graduate to evaluate and influence nursing practice and health care delivery systems, and to educate the next generation of nurses through various faculty roles.

Upon successful completion of the DNS program graduates will be able to:

  • Synthesize knowledge of the theoretical foundations of nursing and related fields.
  • Integrate acquired knowledge into a philosophical and intellectual frame of reference that can be applied to nursing education and practice-based solutions to health and health care problems.
  • Advance the body of nursing knowledge by identifying gaps in the knowledge base of practice, conducting applied research and evaluation of nursing interventions and health care outcomes, and disseminating evidence-based solutions to problems within health care.
  • Demonstrate leadership, analytical, and collaborative strategies in the development and implementation of population-based health care models and health care responses to health disparities locally and globally.
  • Demonstrate leadership, analytical, and collaborative strategies in the development and implementation of innovative and outcome focused nursing curriculum models incorporating nursing, philosophy, and education theories to facilitate student learning and success.


Please note that the application deadline for the DNS Program is March 1st for Fall Admission.

If you have any questions after looking over the information presented above, please contact Dr. Tommie Nelms, Coordinator of DNS Program.