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KSU students launched into global education

KSU students launched into global education. Students from Wellstar College

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jun 5, 2023) — In May, KSU students launched into global education. Students from Wellstar College, Radow College, and Coles College traveled to three locations to explore areas of public health. In the Dominican Republic, students explore Public Health and Community Empowerment; across the Atlantic, in Uganda, students are Examining Social Determinants of Health from a Global Context and The Role of Power, Privilege, Policy, and Place, and near the Mediterranean Sea, nursing students dive into Global Healthcare in Italy.

These three specific programs meet students' academic requirements and a unique need to apply that experience through service and engage in an adventure through cultural immersion. Wellstar College faculty members lead each program with additional support from faculty in complimentary disciplines at Kennesaw State University and project coordination with community partners on site.

Global Healthcare in Italy

For Wellstar School of Nursing students, community engagement puts them in direct contactitaly with residents. The team puts on a free Blood Pressure Screening in Montepulciano. A translator is on-site to assist in the effort to screen and educate community members. Seminars on Cultural Competency and clinical rotations in Cardiology, ICU, Operation Room, Pre & Post-Op, Med-Surg, and the Emergency Room at Nottola Hospital facilitate a fantastic hands-on experience against a Tuscan backdrop.

Public Health and Community Empowerment

Public Health and Community Empowerment pull students across Kennesaw State University from all disciplines. This team "hits the ground running" to support efforts to improve health and Dominican Republicwell-being in Constanza and Puerto Plata communities. Fast-paced and service-focused, students can participate in community mapping, program planning, direct service, review, and reflection. The teams' work includes aiding with health assessments and data collection and learning about water access and security. 

Examining Social Determinants of Health from a Global Context and The Role of Power, Privilege, Policy, and Place

Uganda is the newest study abroad program, a transport from Georgia State with new programming elements that expose students to macro and micro-interventions of social determinants. The first May-mester for KSUganda, and the experience includes cultural immersion, research, and service-learning projects aimed at better understanding and addressing social and environmental stressors, social entrepreneurship intervention strategies, and community engagement at the UYDEL Centre (Uganda Youth Development Link) and the Banda Community, research sites for the TOPOWA Project led by Dr. Monica Swahn, which examines mental health among young women. 

This program examines the social determinants of health and explores interdisciplinary strategies to build capacity among vulnerable populations. Students from diverse majors and disciplines explore Uganda's cultural, economic, and environmental diversity. Uganda

Regardless of your field of study, there is an education abroad program for you. Connect with KSU Educations Abroad; they offer study abroad programs in over 40 countries worldwide. Embrace the world and expand your horizons, now is a great time to take the leap and gain an international perspective, and lifelong friendships. 

- by Dedra Waindi

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