Publication Support Fund Application

With the current reclassification of Kennesaw State University becoming an R3 Institution, the demand for quality research and publication has increased. Currently, journals and publishers are more frequently turning to an Open Access model, which increases the financial requirement of publication. To this point, many high quality journals charge fees simply to cover publication costs. With this in mind, researchers may feel less inclined to submit manuscripts to higher-tier journals, due to the fees associated with publication. In addition, many book presses now request indexing, professional editing, and subvention fees. In an attempt to relieve this financial burden as well as to encourage submission to top-tier journals and high-quality academic presses, the WCHHS Publication Support Fund is designed to assist faculty and students paying for fees associated with publication.

Who is Eligible?

Current faculty and students affiliated with the WellStar College who are submitting works to non-predatory journals and peer-reviewed academic presses for books and edited volumes that require page or publication fees. In addition, graduate students who have already graduated may be eligible when attempting to publish their theses with faculty co-authors. Additional approval will be required from the Office of Fiscal Services.

What are Predatory Journals?

Predatory journals are questionable open-access journals that charge for publication but lack the code of conduct and normal rigor affiliated with acceptable journals. Please visit Think, Check, Submit for more information.

Faculty and students can apply for publication funds through the Office of the Dean for the purpose of publication of articles, books, book chapters, or research manuscripts created at Kennesaw State University. Funds will only be allocated for publication fees of completed works inclusive of subvention fees, publication costs, indexing, and professional editing. The Primary Author must be currently affiliated with Kennesaw State University and the WellStar College OR a former graduate student who has graduated and is attempting to publish their thesis with one or more faculty co-authors should request funds. The Primary Author must have

  • Contributed substantially to the conception and design of the study, the acquisition of data, or its analysis and interpretation
  • Drafted or provided critical revision of the article/book/book chapter
  • Provided final approval of the version to publish
  • Agreed to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved.



Publishing funds will NOT be awarded for any known predatory journal or non-peer reviewed journals/books (no exceptions).

It is the author’s responsibility to determine if the journal is predatory PRIOR to submitting the request. Failure to do so may result in future denial for funding. Please visit for more information.