Applications for Fall 2023 will open Dec. 1, 2022.

Application Instructions

Please note this is a multistep process. Failure to complete any of the steps may result in denial of admittance for the Fall 2023/2024 academic year.

Part 1 – Apply to KSU

You are an Adult/Non-Traditional and will use the application.

Apply Now

Start the application process for KSU

application notice

IMPORTANT: For the third screen of the application

3. Enrollment Information: 

  1. Application Type: select Adult/Non-Traditional
  2. Entry Term: Fall 2023
  3. What Degree do you intend to seek: Certificate
  4. What is your intended major: Acad. for Inclusive Learning & Social Growth 

Application Process

Part 2 – Complete the Academy Supplemental Application in Owl Express

KSU will email you a Net ID. This may take a few days after applying.

Activate your NetID here: activate your NetID and create a password.

Once you get your NetID:

  1. Enter your NetID and Password into Owl Express then click the Login button
  2. Click on the Applicant Services tab.
    1. Click on the Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth ASCE Application link to complete the supplemental application.
    2. Complete the supplemental application.
  3. Once you complete the Academy supplemental application, you will receive an email with a link to submit the following items:
    1. Official high school transcript 
    2. IEP
    3. Current psychological evaluation (within two years). If the psychological evaluation is more than two years old, the files will be returned.

Part 3 –Assessments

Applicant assessments – applicants will complete several assessments which include a reading analysis, transition assessment, career index, and personality inventory. If the applicant meets the minimum admission requirements a decision may be made to move the application forward. If students do not meet the minimum requirements, the application process may end at this point.

Part 4 – Interview (invitation only)

If students meet the minimum requirements, they may be invited to College Day where they will participate in campus activities and interview with the Academy Admissions Committee. A decision on admission will be made at this time.Application Instructions Fall 2023


Application Tutorial Video