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Steps for Admission
Academic, Social, and Career Enrichment Program (ASCE)

Steps for Part 1 – Apply to KSU:

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Start the application process for KSU

IMPORTANT: For the third screen of the application

  • Application Type: select Freshman
  • Entry Term: Fall 2022
  • What Degree do you intend to seek:  Certificate
  • What is your intended major: Acad. for Inclusive Learning & Social Growth  


ASCE application help

Steps for Part 2– Internal Academy Application:  

Once you get your Net ID - Activate your NetID—your NetID is a unique identifier for electronic accounts. You must activate your NetID and create a password.     

Once you get your NetID

  1. Enter your NetID and Password into Owl Express then click the Login button  
  2. Click on the Applicant Services tab or the Applicant Services link 
    1. Click on the Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth ASCE Application link to complete the supplemental application.  
    2. The application will include student questionnaire, parent feedback and references (name and email) who have known the applicant for one year or longer. All references must be complete for the application to move forward.
  3. Email these documents to
    1. Official high school transcript 
    2. Most current psychological evaluation (within three years)
    3. Most current IEP  

Part 3 – Interview and Assessment:

Once you have completed parts 1 and 2 of the application process, you will be scheduled for assessments and an interview with the Academy Admissions Committee.  We must have all documents required in Part 2 of the application process before the assessment and interview can be scheduled.  

If you have questions about the application process, you can email