Criteria and Process

ASCE Program Admissions Criteria and Process

To be sure that the Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth is the best match for our applicants, we require an application packet be completed for each student.

This program is not a special education program for college students and not a continuation of IEP objectives from the secondary level.  We are a unique program to target the areas of academic, social, and career growth for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

It is expected that students will demonstrate the following minimum requirements:

ASCE Admission Criteria

  • 3rd grade reading level 
  • Ability to operate independently for a sustained period (ex. navigate campus buildings, arrivals, departures, and self-care without assistance). 
  • No significant behavioral or emotional problems that would impact school performance
  • Ability to be successful in competitive employment situations
  • Desire and motivation to complete a post-secondary program
  • Have a willingness to complete all assignments with support
  • Knowledge and understanding of basic mathematics with the ability to use calculator
  • Successfully completed a high school program (served under IDEA)

The Academy welcomes applications from all qualified students regardless of age, race, sex, religion, disability, or cultural background. Admission to the Academy is based on several factors, and requirements for admission have been developed in accordance with the unique goals of the Academy under the direction of Kennesaw State University.

Applicant credentials must indicate a reasonable chance of successful completion of the Academy program. Admission decisions are based on an applicant’s previous record of appropriate preparation, academic performance, test results, personal qualities, and experience. It is the responsibility of the potential applicant to provide documentation.

Admission is a selective process and meeting deadlines, or minimum requirements will not necessarily guarantee acceptance; however, these students may be placed on a waiting list. Applicants must meet specified KSU admissions criteria and can be denied acceptance regardless of Academy Admissions decisions.

Approval for admission is valid only for the term specified at the time of acceptance and does not imply that approval will be granted for a term not specified. It is permissible to submit copies of all records except for transcripts. The Academy is unable to make copies for applicant documentation.

The Academy reserves the right to withdraw admission prior to or following enrollment if the student has falsified application materials or otherwise demonstrated ineligibility as determined by the standards of the Academy, the University, and/or the Board of Regents.

All applicants less than 22 years of age are encouraged to consider opportunities available in their current school system under Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) before committing to this fee-based program