Family Resource Hub

COVID–19 Update: Some of our services are currently online only for the safety of the community. See individual service pages for further details. We are committed to serving students, families, and communities in every way we can while adhering to safety protocols.

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Metro Atlanta Resources for Children and Families

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Community Networks

Parent and child resources: mentoring, mental health support, childcare, scholarships for tuition, early education, etc...

Early Childhood Education

Educational resources by county

Health & Wellbeing

Medical Care: prenatal and family planning, primary care, eyecare, insurance coverage, new parent support, mental health and behavioral resources

Parent & Teacher Resources

Economic Assets

Finance, housing, food and employment assistance

Career Assistance

PostSecondary & Employment Path for career assistance and training resources

Time Management

Webinars for virtual learning and student success, time management tips


Childcare resources such as daycare and tutoring.

KSU Student Resources

Students who Parent Support Group
A network specially designed to support and enhance their experience as students who parent that will ensure the achievement of their academic goals.

KSU Counseling
Psychoeducational workshops aimed at helping students develop skills for managing the stress of college, group counseling focused on helping student better manage emotions and navigate their relationships, individual counseling for a wide range of mental wellness concerns, as well as psychiatric medication evaluation and treatment.

CARE Services
KSU Cares provides access to food, temporary housing, and other supportive services to foster students’ realization of a healthy, stable, and dignified life academically and professionally.

KSU African American Male Initiative (AAMI)
The KSU African American Male Initiative (AAMI) program is a minority-male enrichment program that provides academic, leadership, and professional opportunities to KSU students.

Women's Resource Center
The Women's Resource Center's mission is to enhance academic, personal, and professional performance and empower members of the KSU community to reach their full potential by striving to create an inclusive and supportive environment.

The LGBTQ Resource Center
The LGBTQ Resource Center sponsors academic, cultural, leadership, and social programs that enrich the educational experience of all Kennesaw State University Students, with an emphasis on topics of gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery
The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery supports and encourages young adult recovery and wellness by providing recovery-based programs and engaging in collaborative research and education at Kennesaw State University and the local, state, and national community. 


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