RN Refresher Course Alumni Testimonials

"Gave us a remarkable amount of information"

I had been out of nursing for 18 years, and the KSU Nursing Refresher Course helped me get up to date on current nursing standards and clinical expectations. The professors gave us a remarkable amount of information in a small amount of time… My clinical experience on a thoracic cardiac unit was also incredible... I wanted to work in public health, and I found a job as a school nurse. The friendships I made along the way were an unexpected bonus. I continue to stay in contact with many of my classmates. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to sharpen their nursing skills. It will truly give you an edge when you start applying for nursing jobs. 

Rachael F.

"Instructors were all so knowledgeable and interesting"

rn refresher skills labI took the refresher course after being out of nursing for 10 years to stay home with my children. It was such an amazing course. The instructors were all so knowledgeable and interesting. They really cared about our success and made sure we understood the material. I picked outpatient surgery as my clinical because I wanted to work in that area. The facility that hired me was so impressed that I took the course and commended me for my hard work.

Julie S.

"Excellent opportunity for RNs"

After working as a RN in the Neurosurgical ICU at Emory University Hospital for four years, I decided to be at home with my growing family. Now that my kids have gotten older, I decided to accept the challenge [to return to nursing]. The course was a great experience and worth every bit of the hard work and perseverance I put into it. I did my clinical at WellStar Cobb Hospital in the Medical/Surgical ICU. I had an excellent preceptor and was greeted very warmly by all the nursing staff. I was nervous and lacking in confidence; however, with my preceptor’s encouragement, the friends I made in the course, and KSU’s Clinical Coordinator, Kristi Brannen, I successfully completed the course. KSU’s RN Refresher Course is an excellent opportunity for RNs who are wanting to get back into nursing.

Michelle R.

"I had a job before I finished my clinical"

rn refresher computer labThe RN Refresher Course is a great opportunity to ease back into the healthcare workforce. The online course was well organized and easy to follow. The instructors were readily available and there to help if I had questions. I was perfectly prepared for my clinical hours in the med surg. unit. My preceptor was excellent. I felt challenged but safe as I began to get my nursing legs back underneath me! I had a job before I finished my clinical. Thanks, Kennesaw State! 

Laura H.

"My clinical experience was absolutely enjoyable!"

My experience with the KSU Nurse Reentry program was extremely positive. The staff and faculty took a sincere interest in each of us. The nine-day didactic class was very informative and thorough, and I was able to retain that information throughout my clinical hours. The selected texts were useful and easy to follow both for testing purposes and as reference during clinical. When it came time to complete the 160 hours of clinical, we were all paired with hospital locations, and preceptors that were close to our previous nursing experience. My clinical experience was absolutely enjoyable! I was paired with a very knowledgeable RN and was able to work on a floor and a shift that were familiar to me, which felt very much like "home" right after the first shift. I couldn't have completed this course without the KSU staff's caring and skill, and their true faith in me that I would succeed. 

Shari C., RN, LE

"I wanted the best and most flexible opportunity to revamp my career as a nurse"

rn refresher skills lab simI stopped working as a nurse to take care of my four kids for 19 years. Life suddenly changed dramatically for my family and me, and it became necessary for me to go back to work. I participated in Kennesaw State University’s nursing re-entry program because I wanted the best and most flexible opportunity to revamp my career as a nurse in today’s world. After working for several years in pediatric nursing, I returned to KSU and am now a Clinical Assistant Professor in the WellStar School of Nursing.

Linda S., MSN, RN