Certificates in Sport Management

Recreational Sport Management

The field of recreation management has changed over the years. Recreation professionals have moved from a field of resource management toward program development and entrepreneurship. This program of study will help prepare students for the current demands of the recreation professions and will culminate in a Certificate of Recreational Sport Management. Admission requirements for the certificate program are as follows: current KSU student, a minimum of 2.5 institutional GPA, completion of Introduction to Sport Management (SM 2100), and a completed application.

Certificate coursework

● SM 3200 Leadership and Management of Sport Organizations
● SM 3400 Sport Facility Design and Management
● SM 3900 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure
● SM 4200 Recreation Programing
● SM 4300 Commercial Recreation and Tourism
● SM 3500 Sport Sponsorship & Fundraising

All of the above courses have the following prerequisites: 1) completion of SM 2100 Intro to Sport Management, and 2) a minimum institutional GPA of 2.5.

This certificate program also requires participation in a 60-hour recreation or leisure volunteer experience (The Internship Coordinator will monitor and approve these volunteer activities. These experiences will be non-course credit hours. Proof of participation is required through the VKSU program.).

For more information contact:

John David Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Prillaman Health Sciences, Room 4015


Sport Analytics Certificate

The sports business community, at all levels, increasingly has need for students with an understanding of sport that also have strong analytical skill sets.  The goal of the Sports Analytics certificate program at Kennesaw State is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to utilize data to explain current trends in the sports marketplace.  Students will acquire the ability to collect and interpret data using applications and theories from sport management, economics, and statistics. 

Certificate coursework 

  • SM 2100 Introduction to Sport Management 
  • ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics 
  • SM 4600 Research Methods in Sport Management 
  • SM 4700 Sports Economics 
  • SM 4650 Sports Analytics 

For more information contact: 

Joshua Pitts, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Sport Management and Economics 
HS 4007