Exercise Science Curriculum

KSU Undergraduate Catalog

General Education Requirements

CHEM 1211, 1211L, 1212, and 1212L as a General Education Requirement or Major Field Elective

Lower Division Major Requirements 

BIOL 2221  Anat & Phys I
BIOL 2221L Anat & Phys I Lab
BIOL 2222   Anat & Phys II
BIOL 2222L Anat & Phys II Lab
ES 2100 PA Hlth and Disease  
ES 2200 Safety Training
ES 2300 Medical Terminology
ES 2500 Principles of Nutrition

Upper Division Major Requirements

Exercise Science Core Requirements

ES 3600 Health Fitness Management
ES 3700  Strength and Cond
ES 3750 Strength and Cond Lab
ES 3800  Biomechanics
ES 3900  Physiology of Ex I
ES 4200  Nutrition and Perform
ES 4300  Phys of Ex and Aging
ES 4500  Physiology of Ex II
ES 4550  ES Lab Techniques
ES 4600  Exercise Prescription
ES 4650  Exercise Testing
ES 4700  Clinical Ex Phys

Capstone Experience
ES 4900 ES Senior Seminar
Major Field Electives*
Select 15 credits of BIOL, CHEM, ES, HPE, HPS, PHYS, PSYC (6 credits at 3000-4000 level)

Free Electives

Select 12 credits of free electives

Total Program Hours: 120 Credit Hours (plus University-Wide Requirements)

University-Wide Degree Requirements**

*The Major Related Electives cannot be counted in duplicate areas (General Education or Free Electives)
** ES 2100 can substitute for WELL 1000; however, this substitution adds 3 hrs to Free Electives

Students may not count more than 12 credits of Internship (ES 3398, ES 4000, ES 4950) in the Major Related Electives area