Exercise Science Curriculum

The Exercise Science program is a scientifically-based program designed to prepare competent entry-level Exercise Science professionals in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (abilities) learning domains. The Exercise Science program offers a diversified program that includes both introductory and advanced coursework, laboratory experiences and the opportunity for practical application of knowledge through community and research based experiences. The program can also be used as pre-professional preparation for post graduate study in exercise science or other health related disciplines including physical therapy, occupational therapy and medical programs. The Exercise Science program is designed to prepare students for appropriate professional organization certifications. 

Program Admission and Retention Criteria

For information regarding program admission, please contact the Advising Center

General Education Core Curriculum (Areas A-E) (42 Credit Hours)

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General Education Core Curriculum Requirements Specific to this Major

Area A2: MATH 1112 or higher
Area D2: (CHEM 1211 and CHEM 1211L) and (CHEM 1212 and CHEM 1212L)

Lower Division Major Requirements (18 Credit Hours)

BIOL 2221:Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 2221L:Human Anatomy & Physiology I Laboratory
BIOL 2222:Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 2222L:Human Anatomy & Physiology II Laboratory
ES 2100:Physical Activity in Health and Disease
ES 2200:Safety Training for the Fitness Professional
ES 2300:Medical Terminology
ES 2500:Principles of Nutrition

Major Requirements 

Exercise Science Core (32 Credit Hours)

ES 3600:Health Fitness Management
ES 3700:Strength and Conditioning
ES 3750:Strength and Conditioning Laboratory
ES 3800:Biomechanics
ES 3900:Physiology of Exercise
ES 4200:Nutrition and Performance
ES 4300:Physiology of Exercise and Aging
ES 4500:Physiology of Exercise II
ES 4550:Exercise Science Laboratory Techniques
ES 4600:Exercise Prescription
ES 4650:Exercise Testing
ES 4700:Clinical Exercise Physiology

Capstone Experience (3 Credit Hours)

ES 4900:Exercise Science Senior Seminar

Major Field Electives (15 Credit Hours)*

Select 15 credit hours of BIOL, CHEM, ES, HPE, PHYS, PSYC, SM (6 credit hours must be at the 3000-4000 level)

Free Electives (10 Credit Hours)

Any course in the university curriculum

Total Program Hours: 120 Credit Hours