Sport Management Internships

Sport Internship Admission Criteria

  • Students must complete all sport management core classes including SM 4900 (Grade of C or better) prior to beginning the capstone sport internship experience.
  • Students must have an Institutional GPA of 2.5.
  • Request submitted by the deadline

Internship for Academic Credit Request Procedures 

 To request academic credit for your internship experience, you will need to do the following:  

  • Submit a request for academic credit (Handshake) available at: 
  • You will need to include a specific job description and current contact information for your Internship Supervisor. Lack of sufficient job description may result in a denial of your request.  
  • Have request approved by the Internship Coordinator and Career & Internship Advisor for the Wellstar College.    

You will receive an automated email when your request is approved/disapproved which will provide specific instructions for course registration.  

Required Hours 

To fulfill your internship requirement, you will need to work a minimum of 450 hours on site during the semester.  If your internship is remote, please make sure to detail how supervision and time logs will be reported.   

During fall and spring semesters, interns will average 28-30 hours per week over 15 – 16 weeks. 

During summer semester, interns will need to average 40+ hours per week (10 weeks). 

Students completing the internship during the Summer begin the first day of Summer classes (Maymester).  

Registration Process 

Once an application has been approved, course registration will be opened for the student. Notification and instructions will be sent to the student’s KSU student email address. 

It is the responsibility of the student to officially ADD the specific internship course during early registration through Owl Express. Here are important points regarding course registration: 

  • Owl Express will show the course (SM 4950) as CLOSED. An override will be provided to allow students to register for the “CLOSED” course. Students approved to register for internship will simply ADD the CRN for their specific course to their registration worksheet. 
  • Students who intern at a location that is more than 50 miles from the KSU campus (1000 Chastain Road Kennesaw, GA) will be eligible for a waiver of certain institutional fees. This is a University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy ( and cannot be waived or amended by the Department of ESSM or KSU. You should notify the Director of Internships to receive more details if you believe you may qualify.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is included as a course fee for all students who enroll in SM 4950. Coverage is effective for the term in which you are enrolled.