Health & Physical Education Admission

Coming in Fall 2023, Health and Physical Education (P-12) will become a concentration in the new major, B.S. in Health and Physical Activity Leadership.

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In order to be admitted to the Health and Physical Education (P-12) program, majors must apply to both the Bagwell College Teacher Preparation Program and to the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education. It is recommended that majors arrange to meet with a HPE Faculty Advisor each semester to assure that are on track to apply for program admission. To qualify for the HPE Cohort that begins each fall, please be complete the following applications by their due dates: 

Teacher Education Eligibility Requirements

Admission to the Health and Physical Education (P-12) Program requires application and admission to the Bagwell College Teacher Preparation Program. Information about Criteria for Admission to Teacher Education is available through Bagwell College of Education.

Health and Physical Education (P-12) Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the criteria for Admission to Teacher Education, the Health and Physical Education (P-12) program requires that the following criteria also be met:

  1. Completed with a “C” or better:  WELL 1000 or 2000, HPE 2000, HPE 2050, HPE 2250 and either HPE 1560 or 1580.
  2. Received a minimum letter grade of “C” in any required HPE major courses
  3. Submitted two faculty recommendations and one advisor recommendation.
  4. Submitted current completed Academic Advisor Form. These will be provided by your ESS advisor.
  5. Exhibited responsible professional behavior in classes, field experiences and interactions with peers and faculty.
  6. Demonstrated interest in the field through participation in and contribution to majors' club and/or other professional activities.
  7. Expressed a desire to enter teacher education through a well-written personal narrative emphasizing experiences relevant to teaching.

Application Requirements

After formal review of all program application materials, students will be notified of their admission status. Questions regarding HPE Major program admission may be directed to the coordinator: Dr. Peter St. Pierre,, (470) 578-6775, Convocation Center 3045.

Application Instructions – Please complete the following: