Health & Physical Education Curriculum

Coming in Fall 2023, Health and Physical Education (P-12) will become a concentration in the new major, B.S. in Health and Physical Activity Leadership.

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General Education Requirements (42 Credit Hours)

(see KSU Undergraduate Catalog)

Must take MATH 1107 - Introduction to Statistics as a General Education Requirement

Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F) (18 Credit Hours)

EDUC 2110 - Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
HPE 2000 - Contemporary and Historical Perspectives of Health and Physical Education
HPE 2050 - Fundamentals of Teaching Health and Physical Education
HPE 2140 - Youth Fitness Development and Assessment
HPE 2250 - Functional Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Physical Education
HPE 2300 - First Aid/CPR Instructor Training

Upper Division Major Requirements

Teaching Field Requirements (19 Credit Hours)

HPE 3100 - Behavioral and Psychological Aspects of Physical Education and Coaching
HPE 3200 - Motor Learning and Development
HPE 3250 - Family Health and Sexuality
HPE 3300 - Contemporary Health Issues
HPE 3600 - Child and Adolescent Health Issues
HPE 4340 - Applied Kinesiology

HPE Professional Skills (8 Credit Hours)

HPE 1140 - Educational Dance and Gymnastics
HPE 1560 - Introduction to Invasion Target Game Forms
HPE 1580 - Introduction to Striking/Fielding and Net/Wall Game Forms
HPE 1900 - Adventure Education and Facilitation
Professional Education (P-12) Requirements (40 Credit Hours)

EDUC 2120 - Sociocultural Influences on Teaching and Learning
EDUC 2130 - Exploring Teaching and Learning
HPE 3450 - Curriculum, Instruction & Management for Early Childhood PE
HPE 3550 - Curriculum, Instruction and Management for Middle Grade and Secondary PE
HPE 3650 - Curriculum, Methods and Materials in Health Education
HPE 3750 - Adapted Physical Education
HPE 4252 - Measurement and Evaluation in HPE I
HPE 4254 - Measurement and Evaluation in HPE II
INED 4437 - Education for Linguistically Diverse Students
ITEC 3300 - Improving Learning with Technology in High School Classrooms
HPE 4410 - Practicum in Children's Health and Physical Education
HPE 4430 - Practicum in Middle and Secondary School Health and Physical Education
HPE 4650 - Yearlong Clinical Experience I
HPE 4660 - Yearlong Clinical Experience II

Total Program Hours: 127 Credit Hours (plus University-Wide Requirements)

University-Wide Degree Requirements

(see KSU Undergraduate Catalog)