The Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education is now offering a wide array of elective one-credit hour activity courses for all Kennesaw State University students. These classes are an opportunity for students to learn new leisure activities and/or sports and to develop the basic skills that will allow them to continue to enjoy these activities/sports long after their time at KSU. The courses focus on skill development, tactics, and strategies. Courses may be taken on a graded (A-F) or pass/fail basis.

be more active

  • HPE 1055 Archery
    HPE 1060 Beginning Badminton
    HPE 1075 Beginning Basketball
    HPE 1080 Beginning Softball
    HPE 1185 Beginning Soccer
    HPE 1195 Intermediate Soccer
    HPE 1210 Beginning Golf
    HPE 1220 Cycling
    HPE 1230 Martial Arts
    HPE 1240 Mountain Biking
    HPE 1260 Beginning Team Handball
    HPE 1270 Flying Disc Sports: Ultimate
    HPE 1280 Rock Climbing
    HPE 1290 Stunts, Tumbling, & Gymnastics
    HPE 1310 Beginning Swimming
    HPE 1330 Intermediate Swimming
    HPE 1390 Beginning Tennis
    HPE 1395 Intermediate Tennis
    HPE 1430 Beginning Volleyball
    HPE 1435 Intermediate Volleyball
    HPE 1450 SCUBA Diving
    HPE 1470 Self Defense
    HPE 1500 Sand Volleyball
    HPE 1520 Beginning Ice Skating
    HPE 1540 Indoor Soccer/Futsal
    HPE 1590 Beginning Lacrosse
    HPE 1610 Beginning Racquetball
    HPE 1870 Beginning Fencing
    HPE 2290 Wakeboarding: Special Topics

  • HPE 1030 Aerobics & Weight Training
    HPE 1480 Beginning Yoga
    HPE 1490 Pilates
    HPE 1510 Fitness Swimming
    HPE 1530 Water Aerobics
    HPE 1570 Walk/Jog for Fitness
    HPE 1850 Advanced Strength & Aerobic

  • HPE 1090 Ballet
    HPE 1130 Jazz
    HPE 1150 Modern
    HPE 1170 Folk/Square/Social

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Bernie Goldfine, Ph.D.
Physical Activities Coordinator
Convocation Center, Room 3044