Public Health Education Application

Admission into the B.S. in Public Health Education major is based on the following criteria:

  1. Completion of 60 hours of Public Health Education program requirements which include:
    • Public Health Education prerequisite courses (See #2 Below)
    • General Education requirements with an overall Adjusted Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 2.5 or higher
  2. Completion with a “C” or higher:  WELL 1000, STAT 1107, HPE 2250, PHE 2100, and PHE 2400.
  3. Formal application for program admission includes the submission of the following:
    • Two positive faculty recommendations
    • Completion of the PHE application form online
    • Completion of current PHE course check sheet which must be signed by your advisor and includes planned courses of study
  4. Appropriate academic and professional behavior exhibited in classes, academic and field-related experiences, and in interactions with peers, faculty, staff, and community members as documented in PHE Student Dispositions, instructors’ feedback, and additional documentation when applicable.
  5. Interest in the PHE field demonstrated through participation in and contributions to professional organizations and related activities/events.

The required B.S. in PHE program application materials should be completed in consultation with an assigned academic advisor to review and verify academic records and to plan your courses of study. 


  • Fall Semester (October 1)
  • Spring Semester (March 1) 
  • Summer Semester (August 1)

After formal review of all program application materials, students will be notified of their admission status.  Questions regarding PHE Major program admission may be directed to:  Dr. Aimee Dyal, Program Coordinator,, (478) 578-6453, Convocation Center 3019.


Identify (organization’s name, location, and related roles/responsibilities) and provide the dates of all activities in which you have been, or plan to be, actively involved during your undergraduate studies as a Public Health Education Major. Include campus and off‑campus activities (for example, PHE Majors Club, KSU student organizations, professional and/or community organizations, volunteer, etc.). Must identify a minimum of three specific activities related to the Public Health Education field within the past 3 years

Compose a two-part, well-written essay which clearly articulates the following: (1) Why you have chosen Public Health Education as your major and (2) How a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education will prepare you in fulfilling your career goals (500 Word Minimum)

Two letters of recommendation are required from faculty who are familiar with your academic and/or field performance in the PHE Major (identify each faculty member’s name who will directly submit a copy of the recommendation form on your behalf to the PHE Program Coordinator). Unsatisfactory letter(s) of recommendation may result in a delay in program admission.