WELL Course Overview

This course is designed to examine the scientific and theoretical foundations of health and wellness. Students focus on developing health knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to changing personal, social, and environmental factors related to lifespan development. Topics of exploration include health literacy, goal setting, physical activity, nutrition, stress management, emotional health, substance use, sexual health, self-care, and other health determinants.


At Kennesaw State University, courses can be designated as "traditional," "hybrid," "95% online," or "100% online." So, based on a typical Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday lecture class that meets a total of 30 class days (plus a final exam day), the course designations would be as follows:

Traditional iconTraditional

 Class meets on campus >50% (16 or more class periods) of the class time.

hybrid Hybrid

Class meets on campus <50% (15 or less class periods) of the class time.

virtual100% Online

Class never meets on campus.

PLEASE NOTE: WELL 1000 is no longer offered.