WELL 2000 Student Voices

students voice at kennesaw state university


  • This really gave me a new insight into wellness because I was able to see how it affected me as an individual not just wellness as a whole. ”

  • This course has helped me better understand all sides of a healthy lifestyle as well as managing stress, getting enough sleep, and exercising.”

  • I think this class gave me a better perspective of wellness and has helped me create new priorities in order to motivate myself. ”

  • I feel as if this course made it easier for me to achieve my goals, I now see how easy it is to create a plan and stick with it.”

  • I have a new appreciation for all the benefits of incorporating daily exercise into my life. I honestly enjoyed WELL 1000.”

  • When I signed up for this course, I thought I was going to have to do exercises I did not want to do. I actually learned about nutrition and managing stress.”

  • Going into this class I did not think I would learn all this valuable information. I am so happy I took this class because it has really changed my point of view about taking care of my body.”

  • I always thought wellness was just working out and eating healthy but this course helped me to include my mental wellbeing as part of my overall wellness as well. ”

  • This class has given me enough information to understand WHY but also taught me HOW to improve.”

  •  Now that I have a better understanding of wellness in general, I absolutely feel that I am one step closer to maintaining an incredibly healthy and happy lifestyle.”

  • This course has been one of my favorites that I have ever taken, and it definitely had a positive impact on my priorities and motivation for implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”