Wellstar School of Nursing Mission and Goals


The Mission of the Wellstar School of Nursing is in accordance with the missions of the Wellstar College of Health and Human Services and the University. The commitment delineated in the School's mission statement is threefold:  

  • To create and sustain exemplary undergraduate and graduate nursing programs that promote academic excellence
  • To serve as leaders and as a community resource in the provision of services to consumers and agencies in collaboration with other disciplines
  • To participate in research and other scholarly pursuits

This commitment seeks to promote an environment that is consistent with quality teaching, significant service, and meaningful scholarship programs.


The Wellstar School of Nursing at Kennesaw State University functions to

  • Provide programs of high quality in undergraduate and graduate nursing education
  • Support an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, scholarship, and creative activity
  • Demonstrate leadership in providing service and professional practice within the university and the community