Clinical Requirements

Listed below are the various forms required for clinical placements. All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated. To save the form, right click on the link and choose "Save As" or "Save Link As."

Universal Requirements

CPR Certification

Required Self-Study Modules (Bloodborne)

Must submit three certificates for credit:

  • VIDM273A-T Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Bloodborne Viruses (w/Video) (0.5 hr)
  • VIDM273C-T Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Engineering Controls and Workplace Practice Controls (w/Video) (0.5 hr)
  • VIDM273B-T Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Preventing Transmission, Protecting Yourself (w/Video) (0.5 hr)

For established students: After completion of the course, upload a copy of each bloodborne module certificate to ACEMAPP.

For new/incoming students: These modules will be available to you beginning the week before orientation. Print or save a digital copy for your records (you will need to upload your certificates to ACEMAPP after orientation).

course access

User ID: 9-digit student ID#, including zeros (example: 000112345)
Password: nursing

System Requirements

After logging in with the above, click on the "Kennesaw" link, and then choose the module from above that you want to view. From the resultant window that opens, choose the "RealOne" Media Player option (the Windows Media is currently nonfunctional).

For problems about logging in to self-study modules:

Contact Lisa Longeiret