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The Wellstar School of Nursing at Kennesaw State University offers three tracks for the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Overall MSN 

  • Not at this time

  • Applications open in the fall. The early decision deadline is January 15. The regular admissions deadline is April 28. Applicants may be considered after April 28 if there are still spaces available in a cohort. Classes for each program begin in the fall.

  • Nine semester credits or fifteen quarter credits from an accredited program or college may be transferred with approval by the Associate Program Director.

  • Holds are often related to incomplete health requirements. Check with the Registrar.

  • The Graduate College website provides the most up-to-date information. The School of Nursing does have a federal grant for the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP), specifically for those studying nursing education. Questions about the NFLP can be emailed to

  • The Graduate College website has many resources to help.

  • Yes. Those who are interested should view the resources available from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Family Nurse Practitioner

  • One year of full-time practice as a professional nurse is required before beginning classes in August.

  • All of our classes are currently on the Kennesaw campus. Some courses may be hybrid (online and in-person), depending on the subject and instructor.

  • Classes meet every other weekend during the semester, typically 8 times. Class sessions are scheduled on Fridays from 5:00-9:00 p.m. and Saturdays between 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

  • Because this is an accelerated program, it may not always be possible to work full time while enrolled. The flexibility of your schedule, work responsibilities, and personal commitments should be considered. Each person must make this determination for themselves.

  • Students complete our program in four semesters, compared to other programs that require five or more semesters.

  • Currently, there is no part-time option.

Leadership in Nursing: Nursing Administration and Transformational Leadership 

  • There is no requirement to come to campus. There is a required online orientation session.

  • No, the program is primarily asynchronous. Any scheduled virtual sessions for face-to-face content will be posted at the beginning of each semester.

  • A total of 360 practicum hours are required. NURS 7880 is offered in the spring and requires 90 hours. NURS 7881 is offered in the summer and requires 90 hours. Fall semester brings NURS 7882, which requires 135 hours. NURS 6151 includes a practicum assignment of 45 hours.

  • Yes, if an appropriately prepared preceptor is available. Assistance is available to find a preceptor outside of your organization if desired.

  • No, with program coordinator approval, it is possible to meet course objectives working with a nurse leader with an alternative schedule.

Leadership in Nursing: Nursing Education Leadership in a Digital World 

  • While most newly graduated baccalaureate nurses have positions following graduation, work experience is not a requirement for admission.

  • Working full-time while being a full-time graduate student is challenging. A great deal depends on how flexible your work schedule is. Many students find that it is not possible to work and study full-time simultaneously and opt to study with us via our part-time option. This is a decision each student must make for themselves.

  • Yes. The part-time option spreads coursework over seven semesters. This contrasts with the full-time student completing coursework in four semesters. Courses are typically offered only once a year.

  • Most of our courses in nursing education are hybrid. These courses meet once monthly in-person with the remaining aspects of the course being asynchronous online content.

  • Each summer, we publish the weekends classes will meet for the coming academic year. Students receive a copy of the schedule in their admissions packet. Face-to-face classes are held in the Prillaman Health Sciences building on the Kennesaw campus, typically on Friday evening and/or Saturday, once monthly.

  • Yes. A specific opportunity available to nursing education students is the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP). For more information, please view the page here or contact

  • No. The preceptors for the practicum aspect of the education track are selected with the student’s input and faculty determination of the needs of the student and the program.