Travel Links and Deadlines

You are eligible to be reimbursed for your travel to and from the clinical sites and for parking at the sites. Also, if you are meeting with students on campus you may be reimbursed for mileage, but not parking on campus.

All travel reimbursements are done through Concur, a computerized program which is used by the State of Georgia.

Kennesaw State uses a two part system in Concur:

  1. Expense Report – Once the travel has been completed you should complete the expense report in Concur with the dates of travel (the system will calculate the mileage and cost) and attaching any parking receipts. 

Once you have been hired you will be entered into the Concur system and will be notified when you can create your profile via email with instructions. 

At the beginning of each semester and at the end of each month you will receive email reminders to complete travel requests and expense reports.

Send all questions about travel to  Amanda Curley  ( or 470-578-6408).

clinical expense report


Travel Requests for clinical visits are due at the beginning of the semester before faculty start clinical rotations. One request per month is required. Please see the link above for instructions on how to complete the travel request.

Expense Reports for clinical visits are due no later than five days after you have completed your travel for that month. Expense reports that are submitted more than 60 days after the first day of travel will be recorded as income on your W-2, rather than travel reimbursement, as required by IRS rules. Please see the link above for instructions on how to complete the expense report.

DO NOT SUBMIT EITHER THE TRAVEL REQUEST OR EXPENSE REPORT WITHOUT FIRST ASKING AMANDA CURLY (470-578-6408 OR TO REVIEW IT. The director of the School of Nursing has requested that Terah review all clinical expense reports before they are submitted to her. Do not add Terah as an approver, just email or call her to let her know you have completed your report.


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