Wellstar College of Health and Human Services Student, Faculty, and Staff Awards

Faculty Award Winners

    • Dr. Kyu-Soo Chung

      2021 WCHHS “Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award”: Dr. Kyu-Soo Chung

      The Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award honors the cumulative contributions of an early career, full-time faculty member demonstrating exceptional contributions in the beginning of their academic career. A set of contributions consistent with the faculty member’s percent workload should be present across the areas of research and creative activity, teaching, and professional service.

      • wade-berg

        2021 WCHHS “Outstanding Professional Service and Community Engagement Award”: Dr. Jennifer Wade-Berg

        The Outstanding Professional Service and Community Engagement Award recognizes sustained excellence in professional service within the university through departmental, college, and institutional service or leadership; a record of substantial external service in local, state, regional, national, or international communities either in professional disciplinary endeavors or in the multiple forms that community engagement can take (including teaching and scholarship); or a combination of internal and external service and leadership. Applause to their dedicated commitment to KSU and exemplifying the power and promise of a student-centered, research-driven university.

      Staff Award Winners

        • Lillian Valdez Distinguished Staff Award

          2021 Sp WCHHS “Distinguished Staff Award”: Lillian Valdez (WSON)

          This award is presented to an individual who, in addition to performing all of their normal job duties with excellence, also demonstrates exceptional initiative in contributing to the Wellstar College of Health and Human Services (WCHHS) community. This individual exemplifies outstanding teamwork, a strong dedication and commitment to service within the KSU community, and impacts their department and WCHHS through leadership and innovation.

          • Amanda Curley Rising Star Award

            2021 Sp WCHHS “Rising Star Award”: Amanda Curley (Office of the Dean)

            This award recognizes a Wellstar College of Health and Human Services (WCHHS) staff member with three years or fewer of service at Kennesaw State University who makes outstanding contributions to her department and/or WCHHS, and is showing potential for growth and advancement. The employee shows passion for their work, eagerness to help others, and exemplifies professionalism at all times.

            • Kimberly Fox The Spirit of Wellstar College of Health and Human Services Award

              2021 Sp WCHHS “ The Spirit of Wellstar College of Health and Human Services Award”: Kimberly Fox (ESSM)

              This award recognizes a Wellstar College of Health and Human Services (WCHHS) staff member who demonstrates consistent dedication, cooperation and exceptional customer service to those that she encounters and/or supports.

              This individual regularly exhibits a positive attitude and infectious energy, and is willing to go above and beyond to improve the quality of personal interactions to promote leadership and professionalism.

            Student Award Winners

            WCHHS Creativity Challenge Winners

            Why My Major Matters Description: Categories

            Film: Accepted short film styles include animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, or media presentation. Use of PowerPoint is prohibited. Only public domain background music is permitted. Video file must not exceed 5 minutes in length and must be submitted in MP4, WMV, MOV, or AVI format.

            Literature: Accepted forms of fiction and nonfiction include prose, poetry, reflective essay, screen play and play script, narrative, and short story. Entrants may write in their primary language as long as an interpretive English translation is also attached. Use of copyrighted material is prohibited. Writing must not exceed 2,000 words.

            Photography: Photo must be a single print/digital image. Collages and collections of photos are not accepted. Entrant must be the photographer and may use a variety of digital editing techniques including but not limited to, multiple exposure, negative sandwich and photogram. Use of copyrighted material is prohibited. Entrants will submit digitally.

            Visual Arts: Works of both fine and design arts are accepted, including but not limited to computer generated images and graphics, mixed media, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Use of copyrighted material is prohibited. Entrants will submit digitally via photograph of the piece; winners will submit the original piece.

            FILM CATEGORY


            • Caroline Burleigh - First in Literature

            • Kaitlen Hinson - Honorable Mention

            • Shandia Sinclair - Honorable Mention


            • Sydney-Twardos-First-in-Photography

            • Bethany Cermak - Honorable Mention


            • Radha Palffy - First in Visual Arts
            • Amber Digiacomo - Honorable Mention
            • Mona Haviv - Honorable Mention