Health & Physical Education Policies

Coming in Fall 2023, Health and Physical Education (P-12) will become a concentration in the new major, B.S. in Health and Physical Activity Leadership.

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Course Expectations

In addition to the class expectations laid out by faculty members in their course syllabi, the HPE program holds high expectations of teacher candidates’ performance in the classroom and field experiences. These expectations include but are not limited to the following:

HPE Department Expectations

Professional Dispositions

HPE majors are evaluated on their professional dispositions in every HPE course in which they enroll. Dispositions are the values, commitments and professional ethics that influence one’s behaviors toward students, colleagues, and communities. They are guided by personal beliefs and attitudes. Dispositions affect student learning, motivation and development, as well as professional growth as a future HPE teacher.

The HPE faculty complete the disposition assessment at the end of each semester. To see a copy of the disposition rubric click here:

HPE Dispositions Rubric

  • If a major is evaluated as a “L5-Distinguished,” the major is generally not notified since the HPE program has high expectations for all majors. However, this information is used when the HPE Admissions Committee considers applications for program admission, practicum coursework, and student teaching. Also, strong dispositions are considered when selecting HPE awards, such as the HPE Major of the Year and the NASPE Outstanding Major Award.
  • If a HPE major is evaluated as a “L2 – Marginal,” both the major and his/her HPE Faculty Advisor are notified by the HPE Program Coordinator. The two will meet as soon as possible to discuss ways to resolve the problem for future classes. If majors address the issue and it does not appear in any future disposition assessment, the concern will not be included in the majors’ educational file.

    If a HPE major is evaluated as a “L1-Unacceptable,” written notification will be sent to the major and his/her HPE Faculty Advisor by the HPE Program Coordinator. A formal remediation plan must be developed in writing by the major, HPE Faculty Advisor and faculty member involved. The major will be granted one semester to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved the following semester, the major will be removed from the HPE program.