Department of Social Work and Human Services

The Department of Social Work and Human Services offers an undergraduate degree in Human Services as well as the graduate Master of Social Work. Additionally, the department offers the Child Advocacy certification and the Nonprofit Leadership certificate which are open to both majors and non-majors.

  • Value-Added

    The Department of Social Work and Human Services gives back over $2.3 million annually to the community through student internships and volunteer efforts (in over 100,000 hours)


    • Social Work & Business Administration

      A Dual Degree Program coming in 2017:
      – The only program of its kind in GA
      – Save 12 credits
      – Complete degree in 84 credits
      – Complete the course requirements concurrently in the two programs: 4 semesters for MSW and 3 summers/1 semester for MBA
      – Command higher salaries
      – Start your own social enterprise/private practice or work in CSR & HR units of corporations
      – Add social value and create social change

    • DFCS Subgrant

      The MSW program is in receipt of a Title IV-E subgrant from the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) through the efforts of Drs. Kirk and McClatchey. The grant for the academic year 2016-2017 supports full tuition and a stipend of $5,000 each for 5 students who will study child welfare. Upon graduation, the grant recipients are committed to working for DFCS for two years.
    • Student Presentations

      Human Services Spring 2016 students presented their advanced internship research project posters. Students who completed the requirements for the CAST and NLA programs were awarded their certificates of achievement, and many students shared with faculty the employment opportunities waiting for them upon graduation. 
    • Scholarship & Research Grants

      Faculty received a $50,000 grant from the Fitzgerald Foundation for scholarship and course design. In addition, a $10,000 grant from Help for Children was awarded to Drs. L. Johnson and J. Lance.
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    • Child Advocacy Studies (CAST)

      Earn a certificate in Child Advocacy Studies which focuses on developing students’ understanding of the numerous factors that lead to child maltreatment and of existing responses to incidents of child maltreatment.

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      • Impact Lives

        Your contribution to the Department of Social Work and Human Services helps us to create opportunities for our students and our community.