Frequently Asked Questions

  • KSU will only allow part-time faculty to work at one USG institution at one time; however, you can teach at KSU and a private school (e.g. Emory, Mercer, Brenau) or in the Technical System at the same time.

  • While we try to request the same units from semester to semester, sometimes the clinical agencies are unable to honor our requests and must assign us to others.

  • While it is okay to ask a manager about bringing students to a particular unit, please contact a coordinator at so that we can make the request through the proper channels.
  • The goal of clinical experiences is to give the students hands-on experience in patient care. While the students absolutely love observational experiences, each course has policies about how many hours of observational experiences are allowed. Please consult with your course coordinator about observational experiences.
  • No, the clinical agencies require us to use Advantage Students for background checks and drug screens unless they do it themselves.
  • Full-time or part-time faculty can have monthly parking fees paid through payroll deduction or pay parking each time they come to campus. Because part-time clinical faculty are rarely on campus, most opt to pay for parking only when they come.
  • Yes, if you are meeting with students or faculty (we don’t reimburse you for attending HR orientation or other meetings on campus).
  • As you enter to information on the various pages and click on the save button at the bottom of the screen, all the information is being saved. You can exit it at any time and return to later.
  • In most cases you need the vaccine. You will need to contact the agency to get a waiver.
  • Yes, the agencies require that all faculty and students use these credentialing programs.
  • Some – we will reimburse you for Advantage Students and Symplr. We will not reimburse you for titers, immunizations, or PPD tests.
  • Yes, please check it often even between semesters. You will be notified of credentialing and travel deadlines before the semester starts.
  • Annually
  • No, chest x-rays only need to be updated every 5 years and in between we only need proof of a symptom-free exam by a medical professional.
  • Every 10 years
  • No, but your certification must be an American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider (CPR & AED) approved program.