Human Resource Information

Payroll Instructions

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to track employee hours worked/paid. Hours worked should be entered into OneUSG (KSU’s Payroll service provider) on a monthly basis. You will receive an email toward the end of each month (about the 3rd week) indicating the date that the director must approve all eTime for the month. Please make sure you have entered and approved your time for the entire month by the 20th of the month. Since approval dates will be before the end of the month, you should estimate work hours for the time between approval and the end of the month.

The time entered in OneUSG should include the number of hours of student supervision at clinical agencies (excluding travel time), prep time, workshop attendance (prior approval required), grading, and any meetings you are required to attend. Regardless of the number of hours entered in OneUSG, your salary will be the amount quoted to you. The purpose for entering time in OneUSG is to assure compliance with the ACA. Based on the standard work hours for each course, the number of hours entered in OneUSG should be no more than an average of 19.5 hours per week over the total weeks of the semester.

payroll instructions

Tuition Assistance Program

Due to the current shortage of nursing faculty in the state of Georgia, the Tuition Assistance Program is available to Part-Time Nursing Faculty members seeking a graduate degree in Nursing. Any part-time nursing faculty member taking advantage of this program shall be required to work full time within the University System at least two (2) years following receipt of the graduate degree in Nursing (or Education, if such would allow one to teach Nursing at the University level).

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)