Annual and Agency Credentialing

We use various clinical agencies throughout our program and our faculty and students are required to follow the credentialing guidelines set forth by these agencies. Please read the Medical Requirements Checklist carefully for all the records that need to be submitted to the School of Nursing. You can submit them to Lisa Longeiret at or Prillaman Hall, Room 3016.

  • Medical Requirements Checklist - a list of required documentation for nursing faculty and students
    • please note the renewal requirements for some records
      • Annual - PPD or equivalent and Bloodborne Pathogen Modules (see below for how to access)
      • Bi-annual - CPR and Nursing License 
      • Every ten years - Tdap
  • Immunization Form
  • PPD Form
  • Document proof of seasonal flu vaccination, proof of administration is required
  • Certified American Heart Association Health Care Provider Course Instructors

    The following recommended* contacts are approved for instructing the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider (CPR and AED) Program.

    Collin Sanders (Executive CPR)  
    Use your KSU e-mail for a discount if calling, or code BLS4KSU if booking your class online

    Dereck Johnston (Cobb County ONLY)  

    Jeanne Day  

    Romonica Long  

    Rose Schamback  

    Trisha Braxton  

    *This is not a mandatory list

    Front and Back copy of your CPR card is required for submission to WSON

Required Self-Study Modules (Bloodborne)

Must submit three certificates:

  • VIDM273A-T Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Bloodborne Viruses (w/Video) (0.5 hr)
  • VIDM273C-T Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Engineering Controls and Workplace Practice Controls (w/Video) (0.5 hr)
  • VIDM273B-T Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Preventing Transmission, Protecting Yourself (w/Video) (0.5 hr)
course access
User ID: 9-digit KSU ID#, including zeros (example: 000112345) 
Password: nursing

System Requirements

After logging in with the above, click on the "Kennesaw" link, and then choose the module from above that you want to view. From the resultant window that opens, choose the "RealOne" Media Player option (the Windows Media is currently nonfunctional).

After completion of the course, print the certificates and submit them to Lisa Longeiret by email ( or by fax 470-578-9069, or bring them to her in Room 3016, Prillaman Hall.

For problems about logging in to self-study modules:

Contact Lisa Longeiret (

Clinical Agency Information

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