CAST Admission

Majors interested in applying for the CAST Minor will need to complete an application form and submit a background check and current resume. 

Application Review & Acceptance Deadlines

  • Applications submitted between August 1–October 31
    Notification by November 30
  • Applications submitted between November 1–February 28
    Notification by March 30
  • Applications submitted between March 1–June 30
    Notification by August 1


  • Minimum Institutional GPA of 2.5
  • Completed background check (fee assumed by student)**
  • Current Resume
Child Advocacy Studies Application

Note 1: Students can take CAST courses as part of their elective offerings.

Note 2: Human Services majors have the option of completing CAST as an embedded certificate or a minor. If this pathway is chosen, upon acceptance into the embedded certificate program, HS majors must complete the DocuSign form. This form must be on file with the registrar’s office before the certificate can be awarded.

The required DocuSign form can be found on the Registrar’s website under forms.

For HS majors seeking the Embedded Certificate Pathway Only: Registrar’s Form  

Please note that:

  • The student must initiate the DocuSign form.
  • The student identifies an advisor and advisor email on the form. (Use Dr. Wade-Berg,
  • The form will route to the advisor for review and approval.
  • The form will then route to the Registrar’s Office where we will add the Embedded Certificate note in Degree Works.
  • The embedded certificate will be awarded upon degree completion.
  • A $15.00 certificate fee will be applied to the student’s account upon awarding of the certificate.
  • A transcript note will be added to the permanent record upon the awarding of the certificate.
  • The Registrar’s third-party diploma vendor will print the certificate which will be sent to the student’s degree petition address.