MSW MBA Dual Degree

KSU is committed to developing innovative programs that are responsive to the rapidly changing economic, social and political climate and to the interdependence of sectors (public, private and nonprofit). Therefore, KSU is offering the first dual degree MSW/MBA program in the state of Georgia. “In recent decades, social work practitioners have increasingly been called upon to think entrepreneurially to seek private funding and to collaborate with nongovernmental organizations to provide social services and goods” (c.f. Lee, 2016, p. 209). Similarly, companies have become more socially responsible because of consumer demand, employee morale, potential to develop new markets, and a desire to create sustainable business practices that focus on triple-bottom line (preserve wellbeing of people and planet while making a profit).

Program Objective

The Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration (MSW/MBA) Program is a dual degree offered by the Wellstar College of Health and Human Service and the Coles College of Business Administration to meet this need. The objective of the dual degree program is to create future leaders and change agents who create “social value” by focusing on the triple-bottom line and initiate purposeful “social change.” The competencies acquired through the dual degrees will be sought after by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) units in companies, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), and large managed care organizations (behavioral and physical health) to name a few.  Additionally, graduates can also launch their own social entrepreneurial ventures, social enterprises and private practices. Hence, graduates can be employed by organizations in all three sectors (private, nonprofit and public).


Our clinical Social Work education (MSW) enables the graduates to make informed evidence-based decisions regarding best practices in responding compassionately and ethically to diverse human needs through psychotherapy, family counseling, and case management, for instance. The Business Administration degree (MBA) includes the traditional education in accounting and finance, management principles, information systems, distribution logistics, and marketing. In addition, the MBA degree is responsive to the changing and dynamic local, regional and national employment trends and business needs in corporate America. Ultimately, the graduate is prepared to effectively implement the mission of the social work profession of advancing human rights, and promoting social, economic and environmental justice.

Courses Required

  • SW 7700 – SW Foundations: Diversity, Social Justice and Ethics
    SW 7701 – Social Work Practice I
    *SW 7702 – Social Welfare Policy and Services
    SW 7703 – Social Work Practice II
    SW 7704 – Human Behavior in a Social Environment I
    SW 7705 – Human Behavior in a Social Environment II
    *SW 7706 – Introduction to Social Work Research
    SW 7707 – Practice Focused Research Methods
    SW 7708 – Foundation Internship/Integrative Seminar I
    SW 7709 – Foundation Internship/Integrative Seminar II
    SW 8702 – Advanced Clinical Practice I: Working With Individuals
    SW 8710 – Psychopathology
    SW 8711 – Advanced Clinical Practice II: Working With Groups
    SW 8712 – Advanced Internship III/Integrative Seminar III
    SW 8713 – Advanced Internship/Integrative Seminar IV
    SW 8820 – Social Work Forensics
    Clinical Concentration Class
    Clinical Concentration Class

    *These courses "count" toward both MSW and MBA degrees

  • ACCT 8000 – Accounting Insights for Managers
    ECON 8010 – Resource Allocation and Decision Analysis
    FIN 8020 – Business Finance
    IS 8090 – Leveraging Information Systems in Business
    MGT 8040 – Managing the Value Chain
    *MGT 8050 – Managing and Leading Work Behavior
    MGT 8999 – Strategic Management: An Integrative, Capstone Experience
    MKTG 8030 – Strategic Marketing
    *MBA Study Abroad
    One MBA elective course

    *These courses "count" toward both MSW and MBA degrees

Students take a total of 54 + 30 = 84 credit hours
to complete the dual degree.