AEHS Curriculum

All students take a basic core of courses focusing on research methods, statistical analysis, and administrative skills. Students choose an area of concentration for further study in either Exercise Physiology or Sport Management, and then conclude with a capstone experience applicable to their concentration. The curriculum is designed to be flexible to meet the unique career goals of students.

The Exercise Physiology Concentration focuses on the physiological responses/adaptations to exercise through laboratory-based activities and exposure to research investigation. The typical Exercise Physiology student will take the core, concentration, and elective classes during all semesters of the program. For the capstone experience, students typically choose from an applied project completed in a single semester, or a research-intensive thesis completed over two semesters. The administrative field experience option is also available.

The Sport Management Concentration focuses on sport and the sport industry through the study of managerial principles and participation in applied experiences to prepare for careers in the sport, recreation, and fitness industries. The typical Sport Management student will take the core, concentration, and elective classes prior to the final semester of the program. The final semester will conclude with a full-time administrative field experience in a sport organization as a capstone project. The program also offers project and thesis options for students who prefer a research-focused capstone experience.

Program Core (9 hours)

EHS 6100 - Research Methods in Sports and Exercise
EHS 6200 - Statistical Methods in Sports and Exercise
EHS 6300 - Leadership and Administration in Sports and Exercise

Select one Concentration (15 hours)

Exercise Physiology Concentration
EHS 6510 - Advanced Exercise Physiology
EHS 6520 - Exercise Psychology
EHS 6530 - Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology
EHS 6540 - Bioenergetic and Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise
EHS 6550 - Cardiovascular and Clinical Physiology

Sport Management Concentration
EHS 6410 - Trends and Issues in Sports and Exercise
EHS 6420 - Sports Sponsorship and Promotion
EHS 6430 - Advanced Sports Economics
EHS 6440 - Sports Media and Communication
EHS 6450 - Sports Facility and Event Management

Electives (3-9 hours)

EHS 7410 - Sports and the Law
EHS 7510 - Epidemiology
EHS 7520 - Advanced Strength and Conditioning
EHS 7530 - Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics
EHS 7540 - Environmental Physiology
EHS 7750 - Special Topics in Applied Exercise and Health Science
EHS 7760 - Directed Study in Applied Exercise and Health Science

Capstone Experience (3-9 hours, choose one experience)

EHS 7800 - Administrative Field Experience (3-9 hours, variable-credit course)
EHS 7850 - Master's Project in Applied Exercise and Health Science (3 hours)
EHS 7900 - Master's Thesis (6 hours, 3-hour course repeated over two semesters)