Wellstar College Overview

Kennesaw State University's Wellstar College of Health and Human Services was created for the purpose of combining a variety of disciplines that have as their central focus the health, physical fitness, and human service needs of our community.

The programs offered by the college include Exercise Science, Health and Physical Education, Human Services, Nursing, Sport Management, and graduate programs in Exercise Science, Nursing, and Social Work.

As public service and traditional health care jobs become more closely related, we believe that students are best educated in an academic environment where they can interact with a variety of disciplines in a way that approximates the real world of work. Our students work together on a variety of projects.

The focus of our College, in addition to academic excellence, is community based, service learning. Our students have the opportunity not only to interact with highly qualified, well-respected faculty, but also to involve themselves with a wide variety of community activities from student teaching, to clinical projects, to internships, to community service projects, to interaction with community experts. We offer a "real-life" as opposed to an "ivory tower" education, and the success of our graduates in the job market is evidence of this.


Social Work and Human Services - Department Chair

Nursing - Endowed Chair