KSU Foundation Trustee Bob Prillaman

 Bob Prillman
Trustee Bob Prillaman

KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 12, 2023) — Today, our Wellstar College of Health & Human Services mourns the loss of former KSU Foundation Trustee Bob Prillaman. He was a larger-than-life man, but also kind, supportive, generous, and with a great sense of humor. While I only knew him since becoming Dean, I treasured his calls and emails, full of wisdom, insight, words of encouragement, and support for all things related to our Wellstar College. He also had a very special way of engaging with humor and always thought of something funny to say to make everyone laugh.

Bob has had a tremendous impact on our Wellstar College. Many of you never met him, but his legacy is all around us, particularly in Prillaman Hall. Our beautiful building was named after him in 2010 and this building is where many of our faculty, staff, and students work, teach, and study every day. How lucky we are to have this wonderful space.

Trustee Bob Prillaman and LilAlso, the colorful portrait of Bob and his wife Lil is on display in our Indoor Plaza. You probably have seen it many times and maybe did not think much about it. Next time you see it, please take a moment to reflect on his legacy. It is so important that we acknowledge and show gratitude toward those before us who have paved the way for new opportunities and for our success. Bob's generosity and support of KSU date back to 1983, he served for 31 years on the Foundation's board and co-chaired the University's first comprehensive capital campaign. And, our own Wellstar College has been transformed because of his leadership and generous support.

As we remember him, let us celebrate his leadership. I found a leadership quote in an interview he had done some years ago and loved it so much that we had Wellstar Cards made with it: "Leaders partner with other people. They take an idea that may not have been their own and they push it, striving to see it to excellence".

Trustee Bob Prillaman and LilWe along with the KSU Community, extend our thoughts and a heartfelt thank you to Lil and the Prillaman family for all they have done for our Wellstar College and KSU.

If any of you have any special memories of Bob, please share them with me. I would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, the link to the obituary and details about the upcoming service, how to sign the guest book, and share remarks with the community can be found at this link: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/mdjonline/name/bob-prillaman-obituary?id=51619408